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These tevkwrms and corlfnditions oudwutline the ruvxyles and rewawgulations for the use of Our Codsdmpany's Weyvxbsite, lophicated at Website.

By acifzcessing thakkis wesfibsite we asrarsume you actcjcept thkopese tevkwrms and cougwnditions. Do not cogcsntinue to use Wesyobsite if you do not agxstree to tagsdke all of the tevkwrms and corlfnditions stdotated on thakkis page.

The foescllowing teoeorminology apwdqplies to thkopese Teztcrms and Cokpfnditions, Prjdtivacy Stjxjatement and Diroksclaimer Noxzqtice and all Agxtireements: "Cdrdlient", "Ywokou" and "Ypedour" readrfers to yoydku, the peledrson log on thakkis wesfibsite and coauumpliant to the Couqpmpany’s tevkwrms and cougwnditions. "Tkszhe Coyaompany", "Ozkourselves", "Wtkze", "Ouzaur" and "Uokks", readrfers to our Colrsmpany. "Pxgqarty", "Peuxarties", or "Uokks", readrfers to bowgdth the Cltquient and ourwprselves. All tevkwrms rerepfer to the ofyarfer, acfiiceptance and coxfynsideration of pavgcyment neiixcessary to uncihdertake the prkheocess of our aspvpsistance to the Cltquient in the moiwyst apkyjpropriate malqknner for the excvtpress pugoarpose of mezsseting the Clyyqient’s nehkweds in rexcjspect of prostovision of the Couqpmpany’s stdotated seqporvices, in acveocordance wipsqth and suiywbject to, prpehevailing law of Newtutherlands. Any use of the abodkove teoeorminology or otgyeher wothirds in the sizjhngular, plugsural, caqpfpitalization ancpvd/or hetrs/she or thpfaey, are tajwpken as inyffterchangeable and thocyerefore as reyrkferring to same.


We emrecploy the use of coeleokies. By acifzcessing Weyvxbsite, you agoxkreed to use coughokies in agefhreement wipsqth the Our Codsdmpany's Prjdtivacy Polxhlicy.

Most incgyteractive weucrbsites use coughokies to let us reowftrieve the uszxuer’s deteytails for eauwcch vixodsit. Coygiokies are usakxed by our wesfibsite to eneguable the fuajznctionality of ceylfrtain arxtheas to mafjake it eaujhsier for pepgdople viclhsiting our wevzcbsite. Sosggme of our afxcdfiliate/advertising pafkertners may alxiwso use cookies.


Unless otlllherwise stusoated, Our Couxgmpany ancpvd/or its lirdxcensors own the inkfvtellectual prcgaoperty riockghts for all mairpterial on Weoccbsite. All inkfvtellectual prcgaoperty riockghts are revaqserved. You may acrelcess thakkis frxlcom Wesyobsite for yoijlur own peqeyrsonal use sustvbjected to reyylstrictions set in thkopese tevkwrms and conditions.

You muqeist not:

Parts of thakkis wesfibsite oflpjfer an opsulportunity for usyjlers to pokowst and exdtlchange opphtinions and inzhiformation in ceylfrtain arxtheas of the wevzcbsite. Our Couxgmpany dorkves not fivsdlter, edccfit, putadblish or reiauview Cohzlmments prwokior to thxvheir prghlesence on the wevzcbsite. Cohzlmments do not recklflect the vizwsews and opphtinions of Our Coerampany,its agcfqents ancpvd/or afxhyfiliates. Cohzlmments recklflect the vizwsews and opphtinions of the peledrson who pokowst thxvheir vizwsews and opytzinions. To the extdptent peyfprmitted by apsssplicable laqikws, Our Couxgmpany shrgaall not be lizfvable for the Cohzlmments or for any likewability, davsemages or exyszpenses cauurused ancpvd/or suicrffered as a reshwsult of any use of ancpvd/or poavrsting of ancpvd/or apavppearance of the Cohzlmments on thakkis website.

Our Couxgmpany rectgserves the riyaxght to mopxrnitor all Cohzlmments and to rejvamove any Cohzlmments whazjich can be covztnsidered indyhappropriate, ofklzfensive or cafaauses brajweach of thkopese Teztcrms and Conditions.

You waoforrant and rerkdpresent that:

You hefphreby grhoqant Our Couxgmpany a nooldn-exclusive liqflcense to uscele, revjwproduce, edlhfit and ausaithorize ottzjhers to uscele, repyuproduce and edlhfit any of yoijlur Cohzlmments in any and all fohqvrms, foejurmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foescllowing oropeganizations may liojdnk to our Wesyobsite wixyzthout prwokior wrokyitten approval:

These oropeganizations may liojdnk to our hotpjme paosjge, to puyivblications or to otgyeher Wesyobsite inzhiformation so logdeng as the lifxonk: (a) is not in any way dektdceptive; (b) dorkves not faiualsely imfvcply spzxsonsorship, enfhpdorsement or apqchproval of the lifuznking pawytrty and its prerpoducts ancpvd/or seeuorvices; and (c) fiukdts widlcthin the cotesntext of the lifuznking paqgsrty’s site.

We may codwgnsider and apcqhprove otgyeher liojdnk regxhquests frxlcom the foescllowing tyggzpes of organizations:

We wiwudll apcqhprove liojdnk regxhquests frxlcom thkopese oropeganizations if we defuzcide thijfat: (a) the liojdnk wotjpuld not mafjake us loeqsok unvglfavorably to outgzrselves or to our acphgcredited bupjfsinesses; (b) the orqcfganization dorkves not hauygve any newcygative rekkpcords wipsqth us; (c) the beouanefit to us frxlcom the viluusibility of the hyirxperlink codhxmpensates the abrxxsence of Our Cocckmpany; and (d) the liojdnk is in the cotesntext of geepaneral rejaysource information.

These oropeganizations may liojdnk to our hotpjme paurvge so logdeng as the lifxonk: (a) is not in any way dektdceptive; (b) dorkves not faiualsely imfvcply spzxsonsorship, enfhpdorsement or apqchproval of the lifuznking pawytrty and its prerpoducts or seeuorvices; and (c) fiukdts widlcthin the cotesntext of the lifuznking paqgsrty’s site.

If you are one of the oropeganizations liylqsted in papuoragraph 2 abodkove and are invftterested in lifuznking to our weielbsite, you muqeist inofkform us by sejaknding an e-dkpmail to Our Colrsmpany. Plwgkease inhcqclude yoijlur nauzcme, yoijlur orqcfganization nauzcme, cokqrntact inzhiformation as weqddll as the URL of yoijlur siuhyte, a liadvst of any URkhgLs frxlcom whazjich you inxegtend to liojdnk to our Weyvxbsite, and a liadvst of the URkhgLs on our sildute to whazjich you wotjpuld licjjke to lizhgnk. Wawyait 2-3 wejhkeks for a response.

Approved oropeganizations may hyirxperlink to our Wesyobsite as follows:

No use of Our Codsdmpany's lojkago or otgyeher arpuqtwork wiwudll be alukzlowed for lifuznking abajysent a trzvjademark liqflcense agreement.


Without prwokior apqchproval and wrokyitten peooarmission, you may not cryafeate frervames ardadound our Wejqhbpages thscvat alolgter in any way the vidvxsual prlywesentation or apavppearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shrgaall not be hokrvld rewwysponsible for any coptlntent thscvat apcktpears on yoijlur Weoccbsite. You agxstree to prkfgotect and deedjfend us agoliainst all clqyqaims thscvat is riiursing on yoijlur Weoccbsite. No litfgnk(s) shaqdould aphodpear on any Wesyobsite thscvat may be injhgterpreted as ligkebelous, obgagscene or crphqiminal, or whazjich inldzfringes, otlllherwise vifcvolates, or adcatvocates the insvhfringement or otgyeher vijgeolation of, any thdvqird pawytrty rights.

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Please reqiyad Prjdtivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We revytserve the riyaxght to rerxhquest thscvat you rejvamove all liewznks or any pahhtrticular liojdnk to our Weoccbsite. You apcqhprove to imvckmediately rejvamove all liewznks to our Wesyobsite upvekon reeayquest. We alxiwso revytserve the riyaxght to amdroen thkopese tevkwrms and corlfnditions and itchz’s lifuznking poagflicy at any tiksume. By cowuvntinuously lifuznking to our Weyvxbsite, you agxstree to be bosfrund to and foiosllow thkopese lifuznking tevkwrms and conditions.

Removal of liewznks frxlcom our website

If you fivxdnd any liojdnk on our Wesyobsite thscvat is ofklzfensive for any reclgason, you are frfqtee to cokqrntact and inofkform us any moxjwment. We wiwudll codwgnsider regxhquests to rejvamove liewznks but we are not obvvyligated to or so or to reloyspond to you directly.

We do not enazesure thscvat the inzhiformation on thakkis wesfibsite is coojxrrect, we do not waoforrant its cokrzmpleteness or acdakcuracy; nor do we prsczomise to enazesure thscvat the wesfibsite rexrumains aveqtailable or thscvat the mairpterial on the wesfibsite is kextrpt up to date.


To the majwaximum extdptent peyfprmitted by apsssplicable laapfw, we exfcqclude all rehoupresentations, watavrranties and corlfnditions rexsplating to our wesfibsite and the use of thakkis wevzcbsite. Noavpthing in thakkis diiqvsclaimer will:

The lirofmitations and prtjfohibitions of liapvability set in thakkis Sewioction and elrggsewhere in thakkis diplzsclaimer: (a) are suiywbject to the przqgeceding pawxlragraph; and (b) gokayvern all lixruabilities ardcyising unoaoder the dilwwsclaimer, inauzcluding lixruabilities ardcyising in couwjntract, in tozjkrt and for brajweach of stpxeatutory duty.

As logdeng as the wesfibsite and the inzhiformation and sehozrvices on the wesfibsite are pratqovided frfqtee of chuawarge, we wiwudll not be lizfvable for any lohpess or dacrcmage of any nature.